Jesus is the most extraordinary person ever to have lived!

Some may say that Christianity is an outdated religion, while others see the Church and the pursuit of faith as boring. But, following Jesus is anything but outdated and boring. 

Jesus lived the first years of his life as a refugee before being raised in an uninteresting, blue-collar town. That was until he came out of obscurity and began sharing an extraordinary message. He came to tell the world the best good news the world has ever heard. 

He began to call people to turn their lives around because God's Kingdom had come. He called people to follow him as he made bold claims such as "I am the way, the truth and the life" and "I have the authority to forgive sin." But Jesus didn't just make seemingly outlandish claims; he backed them up. He lived life extraodinarily differently, and he taught about what faith could look like.

Jesus challenged the religious leaders of his day, pushing them to leave a life of hypocrisy and embrace what it truly meant to love God with all their hearts, minds, and souls. But don't be fooled; Jesus was not just another abrasive religious leader. No, he also was tender and caring. Jesus came alongside those who were most vulnerable, and he advocated for them. He went to the hopeless and offered a new vision for what it meant to have value and worth. He came to heal the brokeness and provide a picture of hope for life and eternity.

Jesus did more than teach and bring justice. He came to earth to die on the cross so that others might live. In doing so, he became to be more than a great teacher. He came to be the world's only hope, our needed saviour. 

Jesus invites all who need hope and a saviour to come to him, and in doing so, he promises to make all things new! He promises to save you from your sin. He promises to bring you into a new and life-giving relationship with him. Those who choose to follow Jesus will receive a new life and will experience the incredible presence of his Holy Spirit. 

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