Partnering Together to Transform Abbotsford and Our World
We believe by focusing our resources on a few rather than many partnerships, our overall involvement will be more personal and have a greater impact.

Our goal is to engage locally and globally through partnerships to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people in Jesus' name.

We believe by focusing our resources on a few rather than many, our overall involvement will be more personal and our impact will be greater.

Our Partners

Matthew & Heather Campbell - Power to Change

Matthew has been serving at Power to Change for 13 years and is currently working in the Human Resources department as the Director. He provides leadership in the areas of recruitment; selection, payroll & benefits, training & development, performance management, and staff fundraising. Heather joined staff with Power to Change 7 years ago and currently serves on the national leadership team for Power to Change’s student ministry. She co-leads a team of staff who coordinate all of the student ministry’s communications, evangelism and discipleship resource development, conference planning, and fundraising.

Julia Trutiak - Youth Unlimited Abbotsford

Julia works for Youth Unlimited to empower, encourage, and inspire young people to know their full potential in Jesus. She does this work because it is an overflow of what Jesus has done in her life.

Youth Unlimited in Abbotsford is involved with 7 local schools (High school and Middle schools) helping in various ways (sports teams, shop class, Aboriginal classes, field trips and spending time with kids during class and lunch). Julia spends time with students in the Aboriginal Support rooms, with an Art class, mentoring, and spending time with young people during lunch time. Her favorite part of her job is when they do bible study with a group of kids from school at her co-worker’s house each week. She also loves to see the crossover between church youth group kids and school kids. It is awesome to see them at church one day and at school the next.

Juan Carlos & Liz Jimenez - Light of The World Christian Shool

Juan Carlos and Liz have been serving the Lord in Guatemala for the past 15 years. The Lord placed it on their hearts to start a school for children in need and in January 2012, Light of the World Christian School opened its doors to 28 children. Almost 4 years later there are 93 children receiving a great education, a daily nutritious breakfast and learning about the love of Jesus Christ. It’s not just a school, but a center of hope for the surrounding communities, as many families come and seek help and ask for prayer for their many needs. Please pray for this ministry as we work to transform the communities of Guatemala by breaking the cycles of illiteracy, poverty and brokenness, and as we make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Church Planting in India

We support 60 pastors in Andhra Pradesh on the east coast of India. Most of the 200 churches that they pastor are located within a 100 km radius of the city of Vijayawada. From a Kingdom perspective it is a very fruitful ministry through which more than 1,000 people come to Christ each year. We hear an endless stream of stories of God at work in these churches—stories of healing and other miracles that result in people and their extended families and neighbors all accepting Christ.

The organization, called Immanuel Fellowship Baptist Church Services Society, is led by Pastor Madhu, a Godly man, completely dedicated to serving the Lord. He is the husband of Sujatha, father of two adult children, Sanuthi and John, and grandfather of two-year old Jedediah.